Friday, June 26, 2009

Sadly little changes...thoughts on Iran and human rights

Guest blogger
Kathy Baratta, Monmouth County .New Jersey

We all grew up learning about Anne Frank and revering her and her family's struggle for their human rights. Anne, we know what happened to her but we didn't see it however the world swore, "Never Again."

Well, now we must all remember Neda Soltani. We can see what they did to this beautiful young girl, hear the anguished cries of her father as he watched her die. We should be filled with the same feeling of rage and sorrow for Neda as we did for Anne and remember that underneath it all we are all people who just want to make the most of the life we have and not have tired, scared old men afraid of losing power (Khameni and his band of clueless clerics and witless followers like the Basij. The Basij is to life in Iran what the brown shirts in Germany were to life there.)

Neda is now the martyr for all freedom-loving people and those who can show their support by keeping her memory alive. - song is in Farsi but it's sadness translates no matter what language you speak. - in English

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