Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blue Dog is the new Red

Originally from Jersey, I lived in Maine for almost five years ( home state of Senators Olympia Snow and Susan Collins)  and moved from Pennsylvania to Central Virginia 15 years ago. Politically involved in all these  places, I have said for years that North East Republicans would be  Blue Dog Democrats if they lived south of Maryland. Up to now,the  Northern Republican electorate, "Bless their hearts",  has had little understanding of how they differ from their southern cousins . Michael Bloomberg ( New York's Mayor) who originally ran as Republican, figured this out and is now an Independant.  Like the 200,000 voters who switched parties in Pa.,he figured out that the "big tent party" had been replaced by a much less inclusive fraternity that has ever narrowing requirements for inclusion and they didn't fit in.
I am not all all surprised by Arlen Spector;s switcheroo. Frankly I believe he has, like others who fall in the center on issues been marginalized for a long time, but lacking choices and feeling a sense of legacy remained.
Like all tipping point events, as the paradigm shifted, the choices changed.
Those who are angry at his "abandonment" need to understand, like a surprise breakup from a couple you thought were solid, this has been a long time coming.
But lets be cordial for the sake of the kids....
The DAVISReport Obama, Biden, welcome Specter to Democratic Party

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