Monday, March 30, 2009

Nurses Denounce Big Health Blackmail scheme to put profit over patients

As a national member of The CARN association per this article link, it is important for the public to know their lives/health are being brokered for profit and that Nurses as advocates stand firm collectively in opposition.

Nurses Denounce Big Health Blackmail

The Examiner

The nation's largest organization of registered nurses today condemned the conditional offer by the insurance industry to stop denying coverage to sick people in exchange for a massive government bailout.

The insurance trade lobby America's Health Insurance Plans and Blue Cross and Blue Shield offered to stop denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions – but only if the healthcare reform plan under consideration in Congress contains a requirement forcing all Americans to buy private insurance – and if Congress rejects a proposal to include a public plan alternative for people not wanting private insurance.

"That's not a sign of flexibility at all, its blackmail," said Geri Jenkins, RN, co-president of the 85,000-member California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.

"They are only willing to scale back on their immoral denial of coverage for people who are sick, even those who have had minor illnesses, if they are given billions of dollars in payments from private individuals and government subsidies," said Jenkins. The insurer's proposal "amply demonstrates what is so fundamentally wrong with our insurance-based system. Decisions on whether patients can receive healthcare coverage are not based on patient need, but on how much profit the private insurers can make."

Nurses, said Jenkins, were also disturbed at the response of lawmakers and others who praised the proposal.

"In a more rational public debate on healthcare reform, we would be making it clear that all Americans should be guaranteed coverage and full access to needed medical care regardless of prior illness or ability to pay. Instead we are treated to a charade of policy makers continuing to seek proposals that protect the insurers' business priorities, rather than on what is best for the tens of millions of Americans enduring a collapsing and broken healthcare system," Jenkins said.

"Only one reform will achieve that goal and end our national healthcare emergency, a single-payer system, such as expanding and improving Medicare to cover everyone," said Jenkins, as proposed in HR 676, a national bill by Rep. John Conyers.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Virginia's Smokefree Law on Leno monologue

How fun and satisfying to watch Jay Leno giving us a well deserved laugh. With humor, he reminds all of us who worked so hard to promote public health how hard we worked to secure public health in an environment of entrenched oposition.
watch here:

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