Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What The Pfoekenauer?

The attached video from the Daily Show is a hilarious must watch, but also annoying to see how we in Central Virginia are represented to the rest of the country by this woman.. FYI- Jon Stewart attended William and Mary so he knows Central Virginia quite well. Speaking of hilarious, Tina Fey attended the University of Virginia, also here in Central Virginia,so I submit we have been simmering blue for a while. This woman hasn't been paying attention and she's living in the past just like the man she's working for. Central Virginia, what she refers to as "Real Virginia" is changing and changing fast and she either didnt get the memo or chooses to ignore it. Pretending we are not trending blue must be getting harder and harder to say with a straight face no matter how much you are paid,what with standing room only at Democratic events, a Democratic Governor,a Democratic Senator, and Mark Warner expected to win in a landslide Nov 4th.,rounding out the trifecta.
The icing on the cake was Obama's visit to Richmond today, filling the Coliseum with
7,000 more outside as an overflow crowd. The city was frozen with gridlock and in my 15 years here I have never seen such electricity. Filled with "Real Virginians", all locals,a real busy day in Richmond Virginia,the Capital of Virginia. Everybody looked pretty real to me, and really really blue......
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click here for the video:
Pfriend or Pfoe? | The Daily Show | Comedy Central


Mark Buchholz said...

Please God. Tell me why you gave the ability to speak to that whalin-for-palin woman yet you don't give my Chocolate Labrador the ability to speak as well! Shouldn't the size of a creature's brain dictate whether it can speak? Isn't giving whalin-for-palin or even whalin-palin herself the ability to speak just putting lipstick on a pig? I realize life has its Pfoek'ed up moments, events, and times. But doesn't the inequity of not letting my dog speak while those two get to, just phoek'ed up?

Just food for a dog, I mean, thought.

Hilary said...

My computer wouldn't let me download the file. Do you have it as an attachment or youtube link?