Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It would be Nice if the Final Debate was a True Debate

As someone who had the pleasure of coaching and judging competitive debate and forensics, let me begin by saying the previous forums for both presidential and vice presidential debates have been very loose on the rules. It would be so nice if the debate format for the final debate October 15th was followed correctly. We the audience would then have the opportunity to hear an organized point-counterpoint presentation of the issues within a predetermined time limit free of fluff and confusion.
My wish list is pretty basic and includes:
-Answer the question asked
-Allow opponent equal time for rebuttal
-Stick to the issues
-Stay in time and don't ramble
-Shake hands before and after(maintain decorum)
-Stay in one place, look presidential please, (this is a job interview)
Click on this article for more insight:

How Bob Schieffer can make this year's final debate interesting. - By Jeff Greenfield - Slate Magazine
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