Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama vs. McCain: Medical Bills, Drug Prices and Access to Health Care -- Voter Guide | Health and Wellness | AlterNet

The article below really breaks down the health care crisis. Comparing both candidates plan, it provides a hyperlink to the non partisan Health Policy Center's analysis of both candidates proposed plans. An important read on this important issue. click here:
Obama vs. McCain: Medical Bills, Drug Prices and Access to Health Care -- Voter Guide | Health and Wellness | AlterNet
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama versus McCain Tax Plan Calculator

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Click on the program below and see how your pocketbook will fare at tax time under each candidate's plan.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: Change We Need | Obama Tax Calculator

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What The Pfoekenauer?

The attached video from the Daily Show is a hilarious must watch, but also annoying to see how we in Central Virginia are represented to the rest of the country by this woman.. FYI- Jon Stewart attended William and Mary so he knows Central Virginia quite well. Speaking of hilarious, Tina Fey attended the University of Virginia, also here in Central Virginia,so I submit we have been simmering blue for a while. This woman hasn't been paying attention and she's living in the past just like the man she's working for. Central Virginia, what she refers to as "Real Virginia" is changing and changing fast and she either didnt get the memo or chooses to ignore it. Pretending we are not trending blue must be getting harder and harder to say with a straight face no matter how much you are paid,what with standing room only at Democratic events, a Democratic Governor,a Democratic Senator, and Mark Warner expected to win in a landslide Nov 4th.,rounding out the trifecta.
The icing on the cake was Obama's visit to Richmond today, filling the Coliseum with
7,000 more outside as an overflow crowd. The city was frozen with gridlock and in my 15 years here I have never seen such electricity. Filled with "Real Virginians", all locals,a real busy day in Richmond Virginia,the Capital of Virginia. Everybody looked pretty real to me, and really really blue......
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click here for the video:
Pfriend or Pfoe? | The Daily Show | Comedy Central

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Not Over Till........

Make no mistake ,all this punditry predicting that this election is as good as over is not a good thing. As a woman of a certain age who has disected the predicted and actual outcome of every election since 1972 all this outcome predicting is endangering the race and risks influencing the voter turnout. Truth is to win, the winner and his team in the field, need to stay hungry right up to the last day of the campaign. Float the idea it is a done deal and last minute field campaign workers lose their hungry edge and start the party early. Float the the idea it is a done deal for your candidate and some are less inclined to vote " no matter what" b/c the idea is floated it isn't quite so urgent. In an election with the potential to be as close as this one, this could be decisive. Journalists need to remember they should report the news, not create or influence it. Click on the article below to read more on this important subject. And Don't forget to Vote-no matter what!
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Howard Kurtz - President Obama? -

Friday, October 17, 2008

Block The Vote! Oh No You Didn't!

Be Careful how you vote! This article and the one below it highlights the subtle, not so subtle, and beyond annoying rules, regs, and procedures that Robert Kennedy Jr. believes are part of a Voter Deterrence Strategy that could tip this election to a false victory.
At the very least we have the setup of a tight election begging to be contested,resulting in a recount that will make the 2000 Florida "Hanging Chad" train wreck look like a teaser.
The DAVISReport Voting a Straight Ticket

Block the Vote :Trends of Voter Deterrence by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Block the Vote : Rolling Stone

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It would be Nice if the Final Debate was a True Debate | the palimpsest - a journal of the arts, news & politics

It would be Nice if the Final Debate was a True Debate | the palimpsest - a journal of the arts, news & politics

It would be Nice if the Final Debate was a True Debate

As someone who had the pleasure of coaching and judging competitive debate and forensics, let me begin by saying the previous forums for both presidential and vice presidential debates have been very loose on the rules. It would be so nice if the debate format for the final debate October 15th was followed correctly. We the audience would then have the opportunity to hear an organized point-counterpoint presentation of the issues within a predetermined time limit free of fluff and confusion.
My wish list is pretty basic and includes:
-Answer the question asked
-Allow opponent equal time for rebuttal
-Stick to the issues
-Stay in time and don't ramble
-Shake hands before and after(maintain decorum)
-Stay in one place, look presidential please, (this is a job interview)
Click on this article for more insight:

How Bob Schieffer can make this year's final debate interesting. - By Jeff Greenfield - Slate Magazine
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Friday, October 10, 2008

For the last time- Clearing the Ayers

A Detailed article about Obama's "relationship" with Wm Ayers, a man who when Obama met him had just been voted Chicago's Citizen of the year!
A balanced look about how as Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know the rest of the story..." click here:
Op-Ed Columnist - Clearing the Ayers -