Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well Done Mr Obama, Well Done!

Fighting Joe Biden- The Silver Fox of the Senate- Chairman of the foreign relations
committee and 30 year champion of the working class is the VP select.
Family leave Legislation, Domestic violence legislation, his brilliant plan on what to do in Iraq (take the time to google and read it) all a "Tapas" taste of what this man has done in his stellar career.
You will learn alot about Joe Biden in the next days and will be impressed. For those of us who already knew, we are pleased, really pleased, b/c we know the possibility of this newly created dynamic duo.
Joe will soften the hearts of the pissed off Hillary's because he has a resume that rivals hers and his record on woman's issues ,social issues and education is laudable.
The swing votes- Catholics, some East Coasters, union, fire, police, nurses,teachers-many will be pulled back solidly to Dem land.
And Tivo any debates featuring Biden, he is one of the most brilliant debaters ever-it will be not to be missed viewing.
I heard a laudable "swoosh" from all the people slidng back into Dem land when my phone and email started screaming "OMG its Biden-I'm so happy, I know your pleased"!
Yes I am dear friends, yes I am
Not forgetting our own dear Tim Kaine I expect to see him in the administration as undersecretary of education,where his championing for preK and educational parity can get national exposure and implementation.
Together Foward my Friends...
The DAVISReport

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