Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Dog Won't Hunt........

Say hello to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, John MCCain's VP select ,the governor of a state where its citizens by birthright get checks sent to them up to a couple thousand a year, that represent oil profits gained on state owned land.
Yes Virginia, Alaska, the sparsely populated other world of Alaska, the Kuwait of the United States, fat with oil money, sparsely populated, and except for remote pockets of indigenous Eskimo communities,largely Caucasian, is where John McCain has found "the best person" to serve as our VP?
As I ponder McCain's choice, knowing that he believes that this decision will help deliver purple Virginia, I dig deeper and get more astounded that he thinks he has made the sale.
Virginia, with both urban and rural poor,immigration issues,(Henrico County Schools alone have 90 plus languages registered in ESL classes), with our population density and DC proximity terrorism issues, military and port concerns, highway infrastructure issues and commuter issue(good old 95)- with all of this Virginia is ranked number one best run state and is also ranked best place to raise a child with the outcome of it being solidly educated. My question is why do these honors go to Virginia and not Alaska with more money and less challenges to successful outcomes?
Seems to me Alaska should easily have these rankings. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel for them , compared to the challenges we face here in Virginia, but yet we prevail. But that's my point, a first term Governor of Alaska whose last job was a town smaller than Ashland can't really be expected to step into the VP gig ground ready, and cross training is not an option. Bluntly stated, she doesn't know what she doesn't know.
Choosing your VP is the first big decision the candidate is judged on and John McCain has shown himself to be a reckless fly boy who must think woman are really stupid. Too stupid to notice she is in way over her head, too stupid to realize that a Hillary supporter,to vote for Palin just because she's female would have to abandon every social and political position most Hillary supporters share. Why?; because Palin is an ultraconservative,a gun toting NRA member, Anti Choice even in cases of rape and incest.
The idea that one woman is as good as another is arrogant pandering, and will result in blow back that McCain will regret. The arrogance is also compounded by the fact that this 72 yr old with 4 bouts of cancer thinks no one will consider the heartbeat away question, does he really think that we are so giggly to pick a chick we won't think this possibility through?
"Ms Palin, I know Hillary Clinton, and you are no Hillary Clinton"
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Lou Kadiri said...

As usual the R's all got their Palin talking points. I especially love how they point out that she is Governor of the largest state in the country - as if that's impressive - b/c they fail to mention she is Governor of a state ranked 47th in population size. (pop. 670,000 in 2006.)

Mark Buchholz said...

My fear is that with McSame picking Palin-drone that they've pushed the real campaign issues off the front and back pages of our national consciousness radar (hey, I like mixing metaphors). Lets face it, if size really mattered (which it don't) then Jack Herrity (R, former Fairfax County Super) would have been a better pick. Of course if he had I would have been definately picking up my airline tickets to NZ.