Saturday, August 2, 2008

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

As a member of the Medical Reserve Corp here in Central Virginia I am happy to provide a link to a facebook group that is addressing harnessing the web for social good. This is a group I am a member of. Happily one of its initiatives is information networking for emergency preparedness. This group provides a wonderful download that is available worldwide via this internet group to assist people to be self respondsible for emergency prepardness.
I will tell you that Central Virginia has a very proactive emergency prepardness plan that we can all be proud of, but it will only fully protect us if we all do our part for ourselves and our neighbors.
Take the time to download and learn more how you can best self prepare. If you live in Central Virginia, google Medical Reserve Corp to locate your county contact info and find out how you can volunteer in your community or assist those who do.
If you live outside of Central Virginia, call your local Representatives and county government and ask if or why not there is a program in your area.
Remember Think Globally, Act Locally...
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