Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Dog Won't Hunt........

Say hello to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, John MCCain's VP select ,the governor of a state where its citizens by birthright get checks sent to them up to a couple thousand a year, that represent oil profits gained on state owned land.
Yes Virginia, Alaska, the sparsely populated other world of Alaska, the Kuwait of the United States, fat with oil money, sparsely populated, and except for remote pockets of indigenous Eskimo communities,largely Caucasian, is where John McCain has found "the best person" to serve as our VP?
As I ponder McCain's choice, knowing that he believes that this decision will help deliver purple Virginia, I dig deeper and get more astounded that he thinks he has made the sale.
Virginia, with both urban and rural poor,immigration issues,(Henrico County Schools alone have 90 plus languages registered in ESL classes), with our population density and DC proximity terrorism issues, military and port concerns, highway infrastructure issues and commuter issue(good old 95)- with all of this Virginia is ranked number one best run state and is also ranked best place to raise a child with the outcome of it being solidly educated. My question is why do these honors go to Virginia and not Alaska with more money and less challenges to successful outcomes?
Seems to me Alaska should easily have these rankings. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel for them , compared to the challenges we face here in Virginia, but yet we prevail. But that's my point, a first term Governor of Alaska whose last job was a town smaller than Ashland can't really be expected to step into the VP gig ground ready, and cross training is not an option. Bluntly stated, she doesn't know what she doesn't know.
Choosing your VP is the first big decision the candidate is judged on and John McCain has shown himself to be a reckless fly boy who must think woman are really stupid. Too stupid to notice she is in way over her head, too stupid to realize that a Hillary supporter,to vote for Palin just because she's female would have to abandon every social and political position most Hillary supporters share. Why?; because Palin is an ultraconservative,a gun toting NRA member, Anti Choice even in cases of rape and incest.
The idea that one woman is as good as another is arrogant pandering, and will result in blow back that McCain will regret. The arrogance is also compounded by the fact that this 72 yr old with 4 bouts of cancer thinks no one will consider the heartbeat away question, does he really think that we are so giggly to pick a chick we won't think this possibility through?
"Ms Palin, I know Hillary Clinton, and you are no Hillary Clinton"
The DAVISReport

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well Done Mr Obama, Well Done!

Fighting Joe Biden- The Silver Fox of the Senate- Chairman of the foreign relations
committee and 30 year champion of the working class is the VP select.
Family leave Legislation, Domestic violence legislation, his brilliant plan on what to do in Iraq (take the time to google and read it) all a "Tapas" taste of what this man has done in his stellar career.
You will learn alot about Joe Biden in the next days and will be impressed. For those of us who already knew, we are pleased, really pleased, b/c we know the possibility of this newly created dynamic duo.
Joe will soften the hearts of the pissed off Hillary's because he has a resume that rivals hers and his record on woman's issues ,social issues and education is laudable.
The swing votes- Catholics, some East Coasters, union, fire, police, nurses,teachers-many will be pulled back solidly to Dem land.
And Tivo any debates featuring Biden, he is one of the most brilliant debaters ever-it will be not to be missed viewing.
I heard a laudable "swoosh" from all the people slidng back into Dem land when my phone and email started screaming "OMG its Biden-I'm so happy, I know your pleased"!
Yes I am dear friends, yes I am
Not forgetting our own dear Tim Kaine I expect to see him in the administration as undersecretary of education,where his championing for preK and educational parity can get national exposure and implementation.
Together Foward my Friends...
The DAVISReport

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Denver-Then Together Forward.....?

Abigail Adam's Advice to husband President John Adams- "Remember the Women"
Good Advice then, Better Advice Now.... I hope Mr Obama takes it.....
More Later,
The DAVISReport

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

As a member of the Medical Reserve Corp here in Central Virginia I am happy to provide a link to a facebook group that is addressing harnessing the web for social good. This is a group I am a member of. Happily one of its initiatives is information networking for emergency preparedness. This group provides a wonderful download that is available worldwide via this internet group to assist people to be self respondsible for emergency prepardness.
I will tell you that Central Virginia has a very proactive emergency prepardness plan that we can all be proud of, but it will only fully protect us if we all do our part for ourselves and our neighbors.
Take the time to download and learn more how you can best self prepare. If you live in Central Virginia, google Medical Reserve Corp to locate your county contact info and find out how you can volunteer in your community or assist those who do.
If you live outside of Central Virginia, call your local Representatives and county government and ask if or why not there is a program in your area.
Remember Think Globally, Act Locally...
The DAVISReport

Facebook | Harnessing the Power of the Web for Social Good

Facebook | Harnessing the Power of the Web for Social Good