Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet Virginia! First Jim, now Tim

Well, Well, Well, Central Virginia Progressives,
Seems the whole country is aflutter about us again. First Jim, now Tim and looks like this one might stick! Hmmm! Seems like just yesterday Tim was pushing for better housing on the city council, boy how the time does fly!
To review, our own Governor Timothy Kaine has made it to the final few as a possible V.P. running mate.
The other short listers reportedly are:

Junior Senator Evan Bayh (Indiana)- An early supporter of Hillary's, Senator Bayh, like the pillow cut open and all the feathers let loose, Sen. Bayh made negative comments about Senator Obama in support of his then favorite candidate, Hillary, that are swirling out there on the internet, and the ethernet, irretrievable, but accessible as soundbites for the opponents. Now people, you know they will resurface, the worst ones, as a continuous loop on an obnoxious commercial to confuse the message if Senator Bayh is chosen. I see huge risk in this, don't you?. His other big negative- his governor is republican, if he leaves, a republican will take his seat and tip Senate power- ouch. His positive- intelligence experience and a more likely win in Indiana, a swing state.
Tie to Virginia alert: Senator Bayh graduated from UVA law school and must have distinguished himself as he gave the commencement address at graduation.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius- Kansas- a meritorious woman, an impressive resume, but her selection will not have the intended outcome of a peace offering to all of the Hillary supporters who really wanted to see a woman elected. Make no mistake,
the "blowback" from the re-emergence of the frustration of Hillary's loss would be severe. The gesture will backfire and not unify the party.

Senior Senator Joe Biden -(Del) Chairman of the foreign relations committee and author of eleven books on the subject. His strength is he would bring foreign relations experience to Obama's ticket that is charged by his opponent to be Obama's biggest weakness. Biden's addition would bring buckets of foreign policy experience. Also without knowing who his V.P. opponent would be, handsdown he would outdebate anyone, even Mitt Romney. Biden's perceived weaknesses are, his age,66, being "too inside the beltway",(belies the change?), and his reputation as being too "alpha" to be V.P. (he was after all a candidate both in this race early on and in the 90's for president). How's it said?- Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

And then there's our own Governor Tim Kaine. As the first high ranking Dem outside of Illinois to support Obama he has a solid lead on the loyalty issue.
Virginia as it turns out is going to be a deal breaker in this election and yes right now Virginia's as purple as an overripe wine grape. Recent elections in this state tell us this election is going to be a nailbiter just like the Webb campaign.
Certainly Kaine on the ticket would help deliver Virginia. From his days as a missionary in Honduras (such a nice guy, truly)he speaks beautiful spanish,a fluency only learned when you live day to day in the language as he did. Bilinguality would be an asset on the world stage as well as here at home. His record is solid, but he's no liberal nationally. I have lived in 5 geographically diverse states and make no mistake, in Virginia what is a liberal here is a moderate elsewhere. What this means is that Gov. Kaine's position's on most issues will be seen as very centrist by most of the country. This would be positive for the campaign.
Gov. Tim is a Catholic and appeals to blue collar and rural whites. He is well liked in Appalachia and would be well received in West Virginia and similar states. Also he has ties to the midwest, he was born, raised and attended undergrad there (Kansas and Missouri)and can connect with their issues.
His weaknesses-he also has limited foreign policy experience, though I must say that man travels overseas like no other, constantly going to this continent or that, fostering trade agreements for Virginia. These initiatives are one of the reasons why Virginia is the best run state. (oh Yeah!)-wait is this a negative?
The biggest negative- Kaine has a split Administration- if he leaves his seat his Lt Governor Bill Bolling steps in and he's a Republican! Ouch again!
So now we hurry up and wait while Caroline Kennedy and associates mulls it over (I'm so glad its her aren't you?)
So what do you think? It makes my head hurt, sooo much is riding on this election
Answer the poll in the corner and lets discuss.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Et tu Brute

Note to Dave Remmick, editor of The New Yorker:

"Et tu Brute" -Satire is wit, not the reinforcement of misinformation and propaganda.
Considering that depending on which poll you believe, between 20 and 50 percent of Americans still believe Barack Obama is a muslim, some of them worrying he is secretly radicalized, it was beyond irresponsible for The New Yorker to put the image they did on their just released cover.
As a North Jersey Girl by birth and breeding I fully understand the New York Metro mentality of arrogance and belief that few people of importance live outside their very hip border.
What they need to understand is what the rest of the pathetically unhip rest of the country is going to get out of this cover as it lay on waiting room tables face up around the United States. Simply stated it is a searing visual image that reinforces every viral email and every stealth campaign of misinformation thus far meant to confuse the message and reinforce the politics of fear.
Confusing the message is the goal of the opposition.
Free Speech is protected by our Constitution because the printed medium is a powerful force, not to be trifled with.
Thus I repeat, "Et tu Brute'
The DAVIS Report