Sunday, June 1, 2008

When Will Enough Be Enough?

Another Shooting at Another School,Another classroom of lives brutally interrupted, Another unstable young Man who got 2 legal guns way too easily. He also had possession of 2 illegally obtained guns .
Of course he did! : our society is so saturated with guns you can’t swing a cat without hitting one.
I know the NRA talking points, the Constitution and the right to bear arms …..
Let us also Remember The Constitution also speaks of life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and frankly all three of These Rights that the rest of us are guaranteed by the Constitution , are impinged when we cannot move safely through our society because our government will not put safety regulations in place to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands. As long as gunshow loop holes such as legally selling guns in the parking lot without a background check and other lax regulations continue (recently upheld by the state of Virginia-aren’t you thrilled?) following the chain of custody of guns legal and illegal will continue to be unavoidably nebulous .
Turns out the shooter at N. Illinois university and the shooter at VTech both bought their gun or their Glock magazine online from the same online dealer in Wisconsin (RTD 2/16)! Ordering magazines for the Glock (NIU shooter) and one of his guns (Cho) over the internet from the same online dealer and the dealer is”blown away”by the coincidence.
I’m not. These are the kind of low threshhold checks and balances, under the radar kind of ways ,that the unstable, impulsive,shouldnt have a gun, gun buyer is going to find is an easy way to get a gun. Getting a gun and its lethal accessories should’nt be that easy!
Closer to home -Kudos to JR Tucker HS and its culture of good communication between staff and students. When a troubled student brought a gun to school (The back story is limited -student is a minor, but a loaded gun at school -enough said),Other students promptly reported it and the heroic top knotch staff disarmed the student without injury. It runs my blood cold to consider the “what ifs” . I know, I know, its easier to push it away but we can’t, we need to get angry at our legislators that they continue to allow laws that create the potential for the interruption of our, and our kids, Life ,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. They’re Our Inalienable Rights!

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