Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts on the DNC Rules meeting re: Florida and Michigan

"I Belong to No Organized Party, I am a Democrat"- Will Rodgers

"Controlled Chaos" was the theme for the day and as expected, not everybody is happy.
About as fair as you can get though, when you enter into a situation only truly returned to whole by going back in a time capsule and doing it right the first time.
The Bad News is- Voting privileges for Florida and Michigan have been assigned for the convention but the debate isn't over. (sigh)
The Good News is- Important issues were brought to the table that are way overdue for large scale debate. Specifically the Unfair and Outdated Tyrannic Monopoly of Iowa and New Hampshire. These two small non diverse states have had too much influence in our collective Presidential Selection process for too long. They always go first - cherry picking a field of 10 down to 3. Insane amounts of money and time are spent per voter in these two underpopulated states (I have been to both). Yes Iowa and New Hampshire are pretty, and yes the people are nice, but where are the large urban centers, and the issues that come with it. Where is the diversity- economic, social, racial, religious? As it stands now we have a very homogeneous group making very important decisions for a very heterogeneous group. For example, The economic, industrial, international treaties and terrorism concerns of port states like California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia are not their priority-farm subsidies are. Unchecked immigration and all that goes with it is top shelf discussion with southern border states and the major urban perimeters of DC and NYC, but it is otherworldly to them. So is it really fair that they should always go first and speak for us all - bigger question is, can they?
These two little states have become political theme park carnivals with barbeque's and hoedowns where many a good candidate is jilted like a prom date in these cornfields like so many scarecrows picked of their straw.
On a personal note, since I first voted in 1972, I have never had the chance to pull the lever for my first choice because they've been looong gone before they ever got close to a primary I could participate in; Bill Bradley, Joe Biden, John Edwards...(it's a long list)
Sen. Carl Levin and Michigan- You created a mess, but thanks for shaking things up- it's long overdue..
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