Sunday, June 1, 2008

Senator Kennedy's News - Worlds Colliding

A Sister, A Health Care Professional, a Boomer, a Mother, all pieces of my personal complex life quilt.
-A Sister who traveled the sad and humbling journey with her big sister as she watched the father of her children lose his battle with an aggressive Glioma brain tumor
-A Health-care professional who knows too well that Glial cell tumors are nasty business. It has been my honor to care and support patients and families as they push back against illnesses and fight there way back to health
-A Baby Boomer who has grown up with Uncle Teddy imprinted on my collective memory. A Kennedy Democrat am I.
-A grateful Mother whose children served as pages in the Senate. Though the most senior of Senators, he was the most gracious and mentoring to the young pages and understood they represent our collective future- leaving them with a memory of duty to serve and social responsibility.
Now we learn that this man, the second longest serving member of the Senate; who championed Civil Rights, Woman’s Rights, Social and Economic Parity; the man who buried two assassinated brothers and than became the “In loco Parentes” Patriarch to the many children left behind; This Lion, who has fought more fights and shepherded his family through more trajedy than most of us can imagine , now faces his biggest opponent. I know.
But I am hopeful, for if ever a family were due a miracle, it is the Kennedy’s

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