Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner; Oh, What a Night!

The JJ Dinner - The Siegal Center was bursting at the seams. What a beautiful site to see so many enthusiastic donkeys in Richmond. Hillary came out first and gave a fabulous speech! We all need to be reminded just how damn smart she is. I also need to say that I saw her live from 20 feet away and that 60 year old woman who probably hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks looks terrific. Half the men who demean her physically wish their wives looked as good!This was the second time I’ve seen Barack speak live and as a woman who remembers the Kennedy years I totally get the enthusiam. The place went nuts and the enthusiasm from the students was well, like the 60’s. Also a great speech! He also looks terrific.We have a classic King Solomenesque dilemna fellow Dems. While our Republican brothers and sisters are trying to scrape together a candidate they can live with we are agonizing over two candidates we love! Yes we must pick one on Tuesday in the Virginia primary and deny the other. And we do this knowing, as it turns out, that Virginia may well be the tipping point of no return.Kinda makes you miss the days when Virginia couldn’t get any early election respect……If you weren’t there link to the URL below to see both speeches

Obama SpeechClinton Speech

If you were there leave your comments!

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