Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Eagles are Soaring!

Godwin High School’s Les Miserable is a triumph. What Mac Damron (drama teacher) has accomplished with a stage full of high school students is remarkable! Give this man a Tony and a Teacher of the Year award.
I Have seen Les Miz on Broadway and in other professional productions and this performance is as good or better as any I’ve seen.
Talk about American Idol in your own back yard- these kids are amazing! The electricity of their performances and the purity of their spot on singing was beyond amazing. One solo after another I couldn’t believe; this is Godwin High School! At first I thought Jean Valjean (male lead) was an adult guest actor, as is often done in important key roles in college, but noooo, he’s a junior at Godwin who plays center on the football team. You have to see it to believe it.
Truly this show is fabulous! One last thought, anyone who questions the value of arts in our schools, go see this show; We’ll talk after……….
The Chorus the Orchestra, the Set , prepare to be amazed.
Mama Davis

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