Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Virginia Commonwealth University!

Remember that name! Despite the fact that its approval by the Pentagon was disappointingly covered in the Richmond Times Dispatch and buried in the middle with very anemic coverage, it is probably one of the biggest "high fives" in Central Virginia in a long time.
WOUNDSTAT, just approved for use by the Defense Dept, will find itself in the field bag of every military medic,hopefully sooner than later,if those tasked with the delivery logistics can get their act together.
So what is WOUNDSTAT? Well, as a person with a health care background I can say its beauty is its outwardly-appearing simplicity. Simply explained,it looks like a small packet of kitty litter. When the packet is torn open and poured and pressed into an open traumatic wound it binds with the escaping blood to create an emergency cork that shapes itself to the wound opening, stopping the soldier from bleeding out in the field and creating a barrier to stabilize him/her for transport to a controlled care site. Once there, the wound is stabilized, the arteries and veins are clamped and this "cork" is then removed with a neutralizing rinse so repair and care can begin. Fabulous huh!
All this was invented right here at VCU!
The lifesaving implications are enormous and so is the possible revenue stream due to VCU ie,the State of Virginia (remember, it is a state funded facility!) Thus the intellectual property rights belong to VCU and thus they and we will benefit.
WOUNDSTAT is as a must have for every EMT's "go bag' world wide. Look beyond the military use and you begin to see how huge the scope of what has been accomplished here.
Why the RTD, as noted above, chose to bury this story on B9 and chose instead to run a story about a guy who lost 50+ lbs eating At McDonald's on the lower front page both perplexes and angers me,(Fast Food Nation, the sequel anyone?) but it reminds of why this Blog exists.
The DAVIS Report
To learn more about WOUNDSTAT


fouro said...

Wow, sounds pretty cool. But, Eileen, you already know why the "McDonald's Diet" rates pagefront. It tells people what they want to believe: they're 'not so slack' after all, that their habits are normal. A paper like the RTD has a long history of feeding that desire in its readers. They sell reassurance, not knowledge. And now, with other more fulfilling choices, they and their industry are almost anorexic. The Davis Report - The Voice of Central Virginia and the Capital City. said...

sadly true...