Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Virginia Commonwealth University!

Remember that name! Despite the fact that its approval by the Pentagon was disappointingly covered in the Richmond Times Dispatch and buried in the middle with very anemic coverage, it is probably one of the biggest "high fives" in Central Virginia in a long time.
WOUNDSTAT, just approved for use by the Defense Dept, will find itself in the field bag of every military medic,hopefully sooner than later,if those tasked with the delivery logistics can get their act together.
So what is WOUNDSTAT? Well, as a person with a health care background I can say its beauty is its outwardly-appearing simplicity. Simply explained,it looks like a small packet of kitty litter. When the packet is torn open and poured and pressed into an open traumatic wound it binds with the escaping blood to create an emergency cork that shapes itself to the wound opening, stopping the soldier from bleeding out in the field and creating a barrier to stabilize him/her for transport to a controlled care site. Once there, the wound is stabilized, the arteries and veins are clamped and this "cork" is then removed with a neutralizing rinse so repair and care can begin. Fabulous huh!
All this was invented right here at VCU!
The lifesaving implications are enormous and so is the possible revenue stream due to VCU ie,the State of Virginia (remember, it is a state funded facility!) Thus the intellectual property rights belong to VCU and thus they and we will benefit.
WOUNDSTAT is as a must have for every EMT's "go bag' world wide. Look beyond the military use and you begin to see how huge the scope of what has been accomplished here.
Why the RTD, as noted above, chose to bury this story on B9 and chose instead to run a story about a guy who lost 50+ lbs eating At McDonald's on the lower front page both perplexes and angers me,(Fast Food Nation, the sequel anyone?) but it reminds of why this Blog exists.
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To learn more about WOUNDSTAT

Collaborating is fun!

Comment #2 of our 6/3/08, "Today's News" post links for The Central Virginia Progressive to an Ecotube video of Barack Obama talking about his enviromental plan. It is a 'good watch" and we thank Ecotube for joining forces with us.
Knowledge is Power!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today's News is Tomorrow's History

" Let us Come Together In Common Effort to Chart A New Course For America"
Barack Obama , Democratic Presidential Nominee

Come Together, Right Now- Game On People...
Now the work begins!
It's obvious to me ,Hillary Clinton, by holding her concession, is brokering for the Vice Presidential nomination wanting "the 18 million people who voted for her to be heard" -frankly she has a point.
My own first time voter,a second year college student here in Virginia, mused "I feel sorry for the kids who will have to organize all this in 20 years to prepare an outline for the history test"

Pop quiz anyone?

Your thoughts?
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts on the DNC Rules meeting re: Florida and Michigan

"I Belong to No Organized Party, I am a Democrat"- Will Rodgers

"Controlled Chaos" was the theme for the day and as expected, not everybody is happy.
About as fair as you can get though, when you enter into a situation only truly returned to whole by going back in a time capsule and doing it right the first time.
The Bad News is- Voting privileges for Florida and Michigan have been assigned for the convention but the debate isn't over. (sigh)
The Good News is- Important issues were brought to the table that are way overdue for large scale debate. Specifically the Unfair and Outdated Tyrannic Monopoly of Iowa and New Hampshire. These two small non diverse states have had too much influence in our collective Presidential Selection process for too long. They always go first - cherry picking a field of 10 down to 3. Insane amounts of money and time are spent per voter in these two underpopulated states (I have been to both). Yes Iowa and New Hampshire are pretty, and yes the people are nice, but where are the large urban centers, and the issues that come with it. Where is the diversity- economic, social, racial, religious? As it stands now we have a very homogeneous group making very important decisions for a very heterogeneous group. For example, The economic, industrial, international treaties and terrorism concerns of port states like California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia are not their priority-farm subsidies are. Unchecked immigration and all that goes with it is top shelf discussion with southern border states and the major urban perimeters of DC and NYC, but it is otherworldly to them. So is it really fair that they should always go first and speak for us all - bigger question is, can they?
These two little states have become political theme park carnivals with barbeque's and hoedowns where many a good candidate is jilted like a prom date in these cornfields like so many scarecrows picked of their straw.
On a personal note, since I first voted in 1972, I have never had the chance to pull the lever for my first choice because they've been looong gone before they ever got close to a primary I could participate in; Bill Bradley, Joe Biden, John Edwards...(it's a long list)
Sen. Carl Levin and Michigan- You created a mess, but thanks for shaking things up- it's long overdue..
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Senator Kennedy's News - Worlds Colliding

A Sister, A Health Care Professional, a Boomer, a Mother, all pieces of my personal complex life quilt.
-A Sister who traveled the sad and humbling journey with her big sister as she watched the father of her children lose his battle with an aggressive Glioma brain tumor
-A Health-care professional who knows too well that Glial cell tumors are nasty business. It has been my honor to care and support patients and families as they push back against illnesses and fight there way back to health
-A Baby Boomer who has grown up with Uncle Teddy imprinted on my collective memory. A Kennedy Democrat am I.
-A grateful Mother whose children served as pages in the Senate. Though the most senior of Senators, he was the most gracious and mentoring to the young pages and understood they represent our collective future- leaving them with a memory of duty to serve and social responsibility.
Now we learn that this man, the second longest serving member of the Senate; who championed Civil Rights, Woman’s Rights, Social and Economic Parity; the man who buried two assassinated brothers and than became the “In loco Parentes” Patriarch to the many children left behind; This Lion, who has fought more fights and shepherded his family through more trajedy than most of us can imagine , now faces his biggest opponent. I know.
But I am hopeful, for if ever a family were due a miracle, it is the Kennedy’s

The Eagles are Soaring!

Godwin High School’s Les Miserable is a triumph. What Mac Damron (drama teacher) has accomplished with a stage full of high school students is remarkable! Give this man a Tony and a Teacher of the Year award.
I Have seen Les Miz on Broadway and in other professional productions and this performance is as good or better as any I’ve seen.
Talk about American Idol in your own back yard- these kids are amazing! The electricity of their performances and the purity of their spot on singing was beyond amazing. One solo after another I couldn’t believe; this is Godwin High School! At first I thought Jean Valjean (male lead) was an adult guest actor, as is often done in important key roles in college, but noooo, he’s a junior at Godwin who plays center on the football team. You have to see it to believe it.
Truly this show is fabulous! One last thought, anyone who questions the value of arts in our schools, go see this show; We’ll talk after……….
The Chorus the Orchestra, the Set , prepare to be amazed.
Mama Davis

It's Always the Economy, Stupid!

The British pound is exchanging 1.99 to our US dollar (that a penny shy of two to one!)
The Euro is 1.50 to one US dollar. The Canadian dollar at 1.01 is worth a penny more than us!
Even the Mexican Peso is gaining on us, at 10 cents to the US dollar - its at its highest exchange rate ever.
Back in 2002 when I was in Europe the Euro was between 90 and 95 cents to an American dollar, the British pound around 1.25-1.30 and the Peso was pennies on the dollar. Currently the Australian dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Swedish Krona, and the Swiss Franc all trending strong.
Here at home the Stock market is like riding Space Mountain and the housing market has birthed a new word-”stagflation” Why?;-Banks and home sales are imploding from loans that should have never been granted and whose legacy was to ”overstimulate” with artificial money, the checks and balances of supply and demand, buyer and seller, that normally drives the housing market which resulted in a bumper crop of overextended homeowners tumbling into foreclosure. A house of cards that has collapsed. Again-Why?-Well… where do I start.? To begin with my financial pundit buddy tells me that since 1985 the US dollar has devalued 48% because our federal reserve has been printing more money out of thin air than all predecessors back to 1913 combined. This means more US dollars chasing less supply. Now this is when the economists jump in and explain why mere mortals don’t understand this isn’t as negative as it sounds. And this is when I filter it through a lens I can understand.
So how did we get here? Ask an Econ Professor, Financial wizard, or CPA and you’ll get macroeconomics, statistical trends, and charts. When you muddle through the dizzying facts you learn there is plenty of bipartisan blame to go around. You learn that like most things stupid, it didn’t happen overnight.
I’m not a financial wizard , but I am fairly well educated, a life long learner, with a doctorate in the school of hard knocks and a PH.D in common sense and my common sense meter is off the chain!
To begin with you can’t just throw money around globally in a big way with unabated bravado and not expect to hit the wall financially sooner or later. We are hemorrhaging money in Iraq to the tune of billions a month. Bush’s Folly is as much an economic nightmare as is the rest of this war.
Add to this the slow drip of money, jobs and resources being taken from our country from outsourcing, unbalanced trade agreements, and unchecked immigration and we are becoming more anemic every day, bleeding from every orifice the life’s blood of our economy. The heart and lungs of our economy are laboring to keep us upright and the strain is getting acute.
Talk about a wakeup call! I called Bank of America’s 800 line last month on a bank matter. Their queu prompt?……… Press 1 if you are calling re: a business account –Press 2 if you are calling re: a residential account.— Press 3 if you want to wire money to Mexico. Drip Drip Drip…. (i’m not making this up!)
Coming next-The Economic Stimulus Package isn’t going to do much for us but the Chinese are gonna love it

When Will Enough Be Enough?

Another Shooting at Another School,Another classroom of lives brutally interrupted, Another unstable young Man who got 2 legal guns way too easily. He also had possession of 2 illegally obtained guns .
Of course he did! : our society is so saturated with guns you can’t swing a cat without hitting one.
I know the NRA talking points, the Constitution and the right to bear arms …..
Let us also Remember The Constitution also speaks of life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and frankly all three of These Rights that the rest of us are guaranteed by the Constitution , are impinged when we cannot move safely through our society because our government will not put safety regulations in place to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands. As long as gunshow loop holes such as legally selling guns in the parking lot without a background check and other lax regulations continue (recently upheld by the state of Virginia-aren’t you thrilled?) following the chain of custody of guns legal and illegal will continue to be unavoidably nebulous .
Turns out the shooter at N. Illinois university and the shooter at VTech both bought their gun or their Glock magazine online from the same online dealer in Wisconsin (RTD 2/16)! Ordering magazines for the Glock (NIU shooter) and one of his guns (Cho) over the internet from the same online dealer and the dealer is”blown away”by the coincidence.
I’m not. These are the kind of low threshhold checks and balances, under the radar kind of ways ,that the unstable, impulsive,shouldnt have a gun, gun buyer is going to find is an easy way to get a gun. Getting a gun and its lethal accessories should’nt be that easy!
Closer to home -Kudos to JR Tucker HS and its culture of good communication between staff and students. When a troubled student brought a gun to school (The back story is limited -student is a minor, but a loaded gun at school -enough said),Other students promptly reported it and the heroic top knotch staff disarmed the student without injury. It runs my blood cold to consider the “what ifs” . I know, I know, its easier to push it away but we can’t, we need to get angry at our legislators that they continue to allow laws that create the potential for the interruption of our, and our kids, Life ,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. They’re Our Inalienable Rights!

The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner; Oh, What a Night!

The JJ Dinner - The Siegal Center was bursting at the seams. What a beautiful site to see so many enthusiastic donkeys in Richmond. Hillary came out first and gave a fabulous speech! We all need to be reminded just how damn smart she is. I also need to say that I saw her live from 20 feet away and that 60 year old woman who probably hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks looks terrific. Half the men who demean her physically wish their wives looked as good!This was the second time I’ve seen Barack speak live and as a woman who remembers the Kennedy years I totally get the enthusiam. The place went nuts and the enthusiasm from the students was well, like the 60’s. Also a great speech! He also looks terrific.We have a classic King Solomenesque dilemna fellow Dems. While our Republican brothers and sisters are trying to scrape together a candidate they can live with we are agonizing over two candidates we love! Yes we must pick one on Tuesday in the Virginia primary and deny the other. And we do this knowing, as it turns out, that Virginia may well be the tipping point of no return.Kinda makes you miss the days when Virginia couldn’t get any early election respect……If you weren’t there link to the URL below to see both speeches

Obama SpeechClinton Speech

If you were there leave your comments!